Bahria Town Lahore


Bahria Town is Pakistan’s largest real-estate and Asia’s largest private housing society. It is an Islamabad based housing society commenced in the late 90s. After then, Bahria Town started such housing societies in other cities of Pakistan including Lahore. Basically, it is a gated community which provides 24 hours high-fi security to its inhabitants. As we know that Pakistan was under the looms of terrorists for the last over the last some years, so Bahria Town is the safest residence of Pakistan.

Bahria Town Lahore:

Lahore is the great city of Pakistan and also mentioned in history due to its architectural assets. Excess of development and population explosion has gradually crept over the green area which is the signature of the land of the five rivers. Bahria Town Developments gave the modern touch to the length of the green and bring back the spirit. It made a crossroads of a rich cultural & architectural history to a shiny and dynamic future. It hosts the most progressive lifestyle. Farmhouses, classical bungalow type large land formats, economy housing, and luxury lifestyle are all reconciled to engrave the most adaptable and diverse community. The thing which made it one of the most opportunistic and progressive places in Pakistan is its health facilities and entertainment along with commercial and business opportunities that established in Bahria Town Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore Lifestyle:

It is located in Iqbal Tehsil of Lahore and consists of A to F sectors. All sectors have more than 30 blocks. It is the most innovative modern development within Lahore. Some propose it to be a city within a city that equips its residents with international standard infrastructure, facilities & services. It beset everything that devotes to the Lahori lifestyle and displays global standards in all spheres of life including recreational, commercial, infrastructural and residential.  It gives residents the finest facilities when it comes to commercial centers, entertainment venues, and leisure activities.

Bahria Town Lahore Mosque:

Bahria Town Lahore has the third-largest mosque of Pakistan and the fourteenth largest mosque of the world. This mosque is known as The Grand Jamia Masque. It is proud of Bahria Town Lahore and a symbol of Pakistan in all over the world. It is a true masterpiece with a unique and magnificent interior. It represents the traditional Islamic culture of architecture in Pakistan.

It has four minarets with a height of 165 feet each and a Grand Dome located in the center. The Grand Dome is surrounded by 20 smaller domes. Multani tiles with a size of 2.5 inches made from a special Multanimitti and handed-placed by the craftsmen, is the most charming feature of this masterpiece. There are almost 4 million tyles and it took 4 years to complete.

This Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town is designed by a Pakistani architecture named Nayyar Ali Dada, it was inaugurated on 6 October 2014 on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. The architecture of the Grand Mosque is motivated by Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan and Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Size and Cost:
It can contain 25,000 worshipers indoors, while the corridor leading to the main halls can accommodate a total of 80,000. The total construction cost of over 4 billion rupees or approximately $39 million.  The mosque consists of dedicated praying areas for women, a school and an Islamic Art Gallery.

Bahria Orchard:

In Lahore Bahria Orchard has also been developed which is smaller than Bahria Town Lahore. It is a separate low-cost housing community. The selection of life between modern lifestyle and natural bounties has always been a most difficult question for everyone. For that reason, Orchard Bahria was developed to present the modern lifestyle with natural beauty. It adorned with Spanning and springing green fields, the neat cluster of fruit trees and earth grasping cover of yellow flowers. It has a comic gate at its entrance. Near its entrance, an admirable themed landscaped park attracts the pondering of the visitors. The visitor feels comfortable with his mind and soul which savors the gentleness of nature.

Bahria Orchard is like a nestle into the greenery; it is designed as a golf course community. Each sphere shares high-end facilities and long jogging and biking trails. There is also a Golf and Country Club that will offer riding stables and an astounding eighteen-hole championship golf course. So, for all the right reasons and seasons, Bahria Orchard is the best choice for living a life that is nurtured by nature itself.

Bahria Civic Center:

Bahria Civic center is a commercial base project with the plan of 24 months payment plan consists of 8 installments. There are 5 Marla, 8 marla and 10 Marla plots are to be presented for residential purposes. It is located in Sector E Lahore Bahria Town, near Theme park and Eiffel Tower.


In Lahore Bahria, there are six sectors are existed which are;

  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C
  • Sector D
  • Sector E
  • Sector F.

Sector A:
It is the oldest sector of Bahria Town. It is also the most in-demand residential sector of Bahria Town Lahore. It shows the basic model of Bahria Town Lahore. It has fully smooth roads, underground electricity, gas, water; communication supplies all that give it a most modern look. Along with all these facilities, all the plots have been sold out and most have been changed to houses where families are enjoying the Bahria Town lifestyle. It has two blocks which are Babar Block and Canal Block.

Sector B:
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B is next to Executive Lodges. It benefits from its location as it is placed in the Heart of Bahria Town. All modern facilities in Bahria Town have easily located just a few minutes’ drives away from Sector B. It is dotted with green parks and playgrounds. A complete infrastructure of underground cables and utilities make it the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Sector C:
After the success of Sector A & B, Bahria Town Lahore launched Sector C. It pledges to be the future commercial hub for the “New Lahore”; a term now popularly correlated with the recent new developments happening apace with the famous Lahore Canal. A part of 4 K named “Independence Drive” is designated to high buildings on both sides of the 210 feet avenue giving it the much-deserved facelift. It is very popular for the business class for opportunities for investment. It brings more innovative and extra appearances to the regulated Bahria Town Developments.

Sector D:
It launched July 2011 and situated bordered to Sector C, where thousands of families are enjoying facilities of a complete lifestyle community. There are some unique Community Centres, food courts, Gold Class Cinema, Children Care Centre and Landscape Parks which makes the lifestyle different from all over the Pakistan.

Sector E:
After the wonderful success of Sector D, the administration took the step to launch a new sector in Lahore, Sector E. It launched February 2012 and situated adjacent to Sector C & D. Pakistan’s First International Theme Park is located in E sector of Bahria Town Lahore. This sector will encompass various magnitude housing with complete lifestyle facilities. The Grand Jamiah Mosque and Bahria Country Club exist just next to this sector.

Sector F:
It is the last sector with six blocks names,

  1. Touheed Block
  2. Ghazni Block
  3. Tipu Sultan Block
  4. Sikandar Block
  5. Alamghir Block
  6. Shershah Block

The community features of Sector F include International Standard Schools & Hospitals, Commercial Areas, Bahria Grand Hotel, Food Courts, Gold Class Cinema, Taj Banquets, and Sports Complex. The famous Grand Jamia Mosque and Bahria Country Club both have existed in Sector F of Bahria Town Lahore.